Because feeling beautiful is also about being responsible and ethical to our planet and our people.

Our 18K Gold Vermeil

To produce affordable but high-quality jewelry that will last long, we use GOLD VERMEIL instead of normal gold-plating. This means our pieces have a base of 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver with a thick layer of 18k Gold. Compared to regular gold plating (that has a thin layer of gold and often wears off fast), our Gold Vermeil is a very durable finishing. This allows us to create premium pieces of jewelry without the premium price tags of solid gold. Additionally, for those who fear metal allergies, Gold Vermeil is the perfect solution as 18K Gold is made of 75% Solid Gold and 75% Silver and Copper, with no other metals.

925 Sterling Silver

Just as our Gold, our Silver is also 100% recycled and comes from old jewelry. Besides being recycled, all our Silver items are made out of the highest quality durable 925 Sterling Silver, which is an alloy with 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. They are stamped with the 925 mark, which indicates the purity of the metal.

14K Solid Gold

Our 14k solid gold pieces are made with the highest quality 100% certified recycled yellow gold. That means that they are long lasting pieces with all benefits from solid gold jewelry. That also means that, by purchasing our pieces, you won't be financing all the negative human and environmental impacts of the gold mining industry.
Our gold is also hypo-allergenic as it is an alloy of pure Gold with Silver and Cooper. The Silver and Copper are added to make the metal more resistant as pure gold would be too soft and flexible and a small impact would damage the jewelry.

When Gabriela created Perille, it was imperative for her that all our Gold were 100% recycled to prevent all the negative human and environmental impacts of the gold mining industry. All our 100% recycled Gold comes from old jewelry.

Is there a difference between recycled gold and silver & newly mined ones?

Silver and gold are beautiful jewelry materials that can be recycled forever without losing their quality. Metals mined centuries ago are just as good as new. They will never tarnish or decay. There is no visible or chemical difference in the appearance or quality of our recycled gold or silver that of a mined one. But there is a huge difference in terms of its impact on the planet. Recycled Gold and Silver are sustainable alternatives that allow us to massively reduce our CO2 footprint, prevent water pollution and land degradation. Not to mention that by using recycled Gold and Silver, we are not contributing to many negative human impacts that normally affect the areas of Gold and Silver mining such as child labour, extreme poverty and armed conflicts.


Enamel is a technique used for centuries for decorating jewelry made with melted and fused glass powder, giving the piece a durable colorful coating. As it’s made of natural materials and is very respectful of the planet, we use it in some pieces for a modern vibrant look.


Growing up in Brazil, our founder was used to seeing an abundance of natural stones . In small towns, in the gem mining areas, there is an abundance of gemstones in every shape and color possible. Seeing that always made her feel a profound sense of gratitude to our planet that is capable of producing such beauty. But also grew on her a sense of responsibility to our planet and the desire to help protect it. That is why today all our stones are genuine and carefully chosen by her in Brazil. But her dream is to one day be able to use only recycled stones collected from unwanted pieces of jewelry.

Why we don't use pearls

Pearls are produced by marine oysters and freshwater mussels. Therefore, they are not vegan by definition. Also, after removing the pearls from their shells we question ourselves about what is done to the gigantic amount of shells and clams that are discarded and how much impact this has to our planet. As we want to feel beautiful while respecting our planet, we decided not to use pearls in our jewelry.