Jewelry Care

We recommend that you clean your Perille jewelry with bicarbonate powder every 6 months to keep it beautiful and shining!

jewelry care


All jewelry purchased at Perille is water-resistant and should not tarnish over time. However, to ensure your jewelry will not lose its shine, it should always be the last thing you put on when you dress up and the first thing you take off when you come home.

Do not expose the jewelry to perfumes, creams, alcohol or any other substances. And never spray perfume directly onto it. Remove your jewelry while working out, cleaning, gardening, showering, bathing or swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

jewelry care

How to Clean

A general clean from time to time will help to keep your beloved Perille jewelry looking exquisite and as good as new. We recommend using a mild soap and scrub lightly with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Rinse with water and leave it to dry on a tissue afterwards. You can also clean your jewelry with a cleaning cloth to remove dirt and premature tarnishing. Please keep in mind that there are different cloths for different kinds of metals. Gently polish your items but never over polish them as you may remove the plating.

jewelry care

How to Store

Store your jewelry in a moisture-free, cool dry place. Humidity, sunlight and heat can cause oxidation, so ideally you should keep your loved items in your jewelry box or a soft pouch. Always store them separately to avoid scratches.

The gold plating is not guaranteed to last forever. How quickly the gold plating goes away depends on many factors, such as how the jewelry has been looked after, the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body sweating or even the pH of each person's skin. For these reasons, it is advisable to know that gold-plated jewelry requires more care than solid Gold jewelry. But if you follow our tips, it will help preventing discolouring and will keep your jewelry looking shiny and beautiful for a long time! However, please note that all metals naturally oxidize with time and require maintenance. If you have any other questions about how to care for your jewelry, please email us at