Responsibly beautiful

At Perille we aim to make the real sustainable jewelry that are unique and elegant for the modern woman to feel empowered, express your real self while caring for our planet and people.

Gabriela Bordini

A Brazilian mom of 3 boys, Gabriela comes from an Italian/French family and has lived in a few countries such as Italy and Germany, which grew on her a sense of connection to the whole world. Being an advocate for environmental protection, became a vegan many years ago and has committed herself to living a sustainable life. When Gabriela decided to go back to work she knew it had to be a job with meaning, that would contribute to a better world. 

She has trained as a medical doctor in her native Brazil, but was a full-time mum to her children for many years until she moved with her family to the Costa Blanca in Spain, to live the Mediterranean lifestyle. Inspired by her life at the sea, she decided to return to her old passion for design and started creating jewelry that she would love to wear. Jewelry that could effortlessly help her feel feminine and beautiful in her busy mum life with 3 boys.

But she knew that the jewelry industry has been causing so much destruction to our planet, as well as the suffering of so many people. And she couldn't be part of it. So, she decided to create jewelry that would be ethically-made, causing no more harm to our planet. Jewelry that she would be proud to wear. 

Fuelled by the desire to make a difference, she created Perille to be the real sustainable jewelry brand.

And to name her brand, she came up with a word that combines Per (for in Italian) and Ils (them in French).

"Because Perille is for them; my children, the planet, the people".

Gabriela Bordini

Unique, timeless design

We, modern women, are strong, capable, independent and unique. We want to express that by wearing jewelry that reflects the way we feel about ourselves. We want to have pieces that are beautiful, elegan, and effortless. When life is so busy, sometimes all it takes is putting on that one piece of jewelry that makes us feel like the best version of ourselves - feminine but powerful. This is Perille's mission - to design the most beautiful pieces that give us that lift every day. With a focus on quality, we aim to meet the highest standards in jewelry-making, using the best craftsmanship and materials. That's why all our pieces are hand-made in Spain and follow all EU standards in jewelry production.

Our Promise

Being beautiful and helping to protect our planet and people, that is Perille's mission. All Perille jewelry is made from 100% recycled gold and silver, so that we don't cause any more damage to our planet. Gold mining is one of the most destructive industries in the world. Not only does it displace communities, it does huge damage to the environment, polluting water and land with mercury and cyanide. This means that our rivers and oceans are contaminated, destroying whole ecosystems and endangering the health of every living being on the planet. Did you know that producing fresh gold for just one wedding ring can generate around 20 tons of waste? Knowing this, Gabriela felt she couldn't buy "new" jewelry. So she decided to make her own, something she knew would be truly sustainable and ethical. Humans have already extracted more gold and silver than we could ever use for jewelry making. So why extract even more when we can recycle the metals used in old, unwanted pieces, saving them from landfill? Aside from the materials we use, at Perille we aim to be as carbon neutral as possible. For that, we use local providers as much as we can, all our packaging is made from FSC-certified recycled paper. We even use vegetable ink in our printing. Our green velvet jewelry boxes are designed to be reused, and are 100% recyclable. We use zero plastics in every part of our production process, and are always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to be even more respectful of our planet.

Ethical jewellery

Beauty isn't just an aesthetic, it's a feeling.

And we know that acting in a responsible way towards our planet isn't a choice anymore. It’s a must. As well as its environmental impact, the jewelry industry has long been associated with horrific practices. From blood diamonds to child labour, slavery to extreme poverty, gem and gold mining are hugely dangerous activities for the communities that are forced to survive on it. Public health issues also arise from the poisoning of drinking water, as chemicals used in the mining of gold and diamonds leach into rivers and wells.

So here at Perille, we want to be part of a change in this industry, creating beautiful pieces using recycled gold and silver to actually help prevent so much destruction and damage.

Jewelry made for women, by women

Gabriela designs every single piece of jewelry we sell, and she is passionate about beautiful designs that empower women.

Because no matter who we are - wives, mums, entrepreneurs, carers, employees - we are too often so busy looking after everyone and everything that we don't get the time to take care of ourselves.

We have the right to express ourselves and feel beautiful.

That's why each piece of Perille jewelry is designed to make us feel feminine, powerful and beautiful. Because we deserve it!

Giving back

Besides producing jewelry that won't cause any more harm to our planet and its citizens, Gabriela also felt the desire to contribute to creating a better future for the children that live in areas of gold and gem mining.

By having better options, she says, they will choose a life that will create a better future for them and their communities. Helping protect their environment and our planet. Therefore 1% of all our profit goes to organizations that work with children in these communities giving them health care and education.